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Gail Youngmatthews | 08/22/14

You should replace your toothbrush at least four times a year and more often when you are sick.

Donna Philipp | 08/21/14

A sign of an infection of the mouth is a nuisance and swelling around the teeth or gums.

Alex Troyer | 08/20/14

Cavities erode teeth and cause holes in the tooth's surface.

Grayson Fore | 08/19/14

Pregnancy is actually known to cause many dental problems, including gingivitis.

Brandon Howerton | 08/19/14

Proper motion is more in the line of massaging the gums when brushing teeth.

Babs Prater | 08/18/14

Metal braces generally require that you sleep with a retainer to pull your teeth into position.

Carol Parmley | 08/18/14

If you misplace your dentures, it would be good to have an extra pair handy.

Dan Bennett | 08/18/14

Invisible braces are more comfortable than traditional old fashioned metal braces.

Beth Brenton | 08/18/14

Teeth whitening may seem like a long and difficult process, unless you know how to do it effectively.

Douglas Metz | 08/17/14

Vitamin D assists in bone and teeth formation by maintaining calcium and phosphorous levels in the body.

Cindy Puzia | 08/17/14

Detecting tooth decay under a veneer can only be done by your dental professional.

Emily Pressley | 08/17/14

A root canal is done to save a tooth from having to be pulled.

Adrienne Anderton | 08/16/14

The dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are crafted and bonded to your teeth by a cosmetic dentist.

Diane Newman | 08/14/14

Storing dentures in water will help keep them from drying out and causing you pain.

Donna Rean | 08/12/14

The disproportionate presence of the disease in some parts of the population is a major problem.

Dominique Rosa | 08/12/14

Having a strong health insurance provider in place before you visit your dental professional can save you money.

Heather Bower | 08/11/14

If you and your dentist identify areas of your smile, improving the treatment plan to achieve acceptable aesthetic results can be achieved.

Adam Woodward | 08/11/14

Implants are very durable and if it is handled properly, they will last several years.

Allison Owen | 08/10/14

We give our patients the control over the potential for pain, during and after each procedure.

David Paul | 08/08/14

Make sure that you brush your teeth at least two times per day, no matter what age you are.

Atkinson Family | 08/07/14

If you are careful to brush after eating or drinking foods that can stain, you can avoid the need for veneers.

Domingo Baez | 08/07/14

You may need to have an open tooth for a few days while the pressure of an abscess releases.

Allison Torres | 08/06/14

Any time the roots of your teeth can be seen, you are looking at a problem that needs immediate attention.

Constance Herrin | 08/05/14

You may need more relines if you have immediate dentures made.

Doug Wright | 08/05/14

There are also certain medical conditions that change the color of the teeth. Dentures are generally fitted after your gums have healed.

Colleen Mcclafferty | 08/04/14

Drug addicts tend to have a lot of problems with their teeth.

Ann Brown | 08/02/14

Using anti bacterial mouthwash is preferred over an alcohol based one.

Dena Boutselis | 07/31/14

Pregnancy, menopause and even puberty can cause changes in your mouth, including gum problems. You may need additional soft material added to your dentures if they feel loose.

Colleen Shipman | 07/31/14

Many people have taken advantage of cosmetic dentistry to enhance their smile.

Greg Jones | 07/29/14

Ceramic porcelain is very thin and looks just like your normal teeth. Options can include porcelain crown, porcelain fused to metal or gold crown, or crown of pure gold.

Colleen Bos | 07/27/14

Wipe your baby's gums and tongue off with a washcloth after feeding to prevent overexposure to sugars. The dentist will have a specially trained staff to help you be comfortable with sleep dentistry.

Amy Jarosh | 07/26/14

You need to watch their diet so your children develop good eating habits to form healthy teeth.

David Sametz | 07/25/14

The latest dental techniques for restorative materials allow dentists to create beautiful tooth colored replacements that will last for years. Be sure to clean your tongue when you brush your teeth.

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