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Diana Nelson | 07/31/14

If bacteria in the mouth are exposed to sugar, they metabolize and produce acid.

Ann Tippie | 07/30/14

Grinding due to stress can not be cured by removing the stress. When the cartilage between the moving parts of the jaw are stressed, pain results.

Cary Collons | 07/30/14

Porcelain veneers are very thin ceramic casings which are glued to the front of patient's teeth to create a new smile.

Clare Palmer | 07/28/14

More people than ever before are having their teeth fixed these days because treatments are more readily available.

Charmene Sanchez | 07/28/14

Dentists who understand the anxiety associated with visiting their office generally offer oral sedation for patients who are afraid to go to dental appointments.

Ann Dinofsky | 07/27/14

Choosing a dentist is an important step for the oral health of your entire family.

Alina Moskalenko | 07/25/14

Oral surgery is recognized by the international community as a specialist training course in dentistry.

Bing Romero | 07/24/14

Unless you have problems with the pulp in a tooth, you will probably never see an endodontist. You will take your aligners out when you eat.

Allison Bath | 07/24/14

The new techniques and appliances we use greatly reduce discomfort levels of our dental patients.

Diana Mclucas | 07/23/14

If you have continual toothaches, you may have a lack of specific nutrients in your body.

Christopher Howse | 07/23/14

If you take care of an elderly parent, be sure to check their dental health often.

Dominique Rosa | 07/23/14

Today, many companies offer dental plans.

Carolyn Oster | 07/21/14

Many people are interested in improving the appearance of their smile, but aren't sure what they need to do that. Fear of the dentist is something that keeps many people away from getting the treatments they need.

Carolyn Durham | 07/19/14

Dental implants generally have a very high success rate, but typically require a patient who is in overall good health.

Heather Klepitsch | 07/19/14

In addition to thorough cleaning, polishing and processing of teeth, we can also take the time to help our patients to develop good habits of oral hygiene in the home.

Dana Cobb | 07/19/14

While preventing stains is important, even regularly cleaned teeth can show signs of discoloration over time.

Emma Kopp | 07/17/14

Regular checkups, sealants to protect the teeth, and proper dental care at home will keep your teeth healthy and cavity free.

Beth Rodriguez | 07/16/14

As the cavity progresses, it attacks the nerves and blood supply of the tooth causing a painful toothache. Some dental offices can give you immediate dentures so you don't need to wait until they are made.

Charlene Connelly | 07/15/14

You may want to soak your dentures in a cleanser over night while you sleep.

Deb Barnes | 07/13/14

There are some precautions that need to be taken and things to consider before you decide which of the many teeth whitening option is the best for you.

Anderson Family | 07/12/14

Cavities are still a major oral health problem in most countries around the world.

Claudine Rad | 07/10/14

More adults are getting braces these days because you can have invisible braces installed.

Brittany Blankinship | 07/10/14

The consultation will also include an analysis to determine your specific needs.

Guy Wood | 07/09/14

The procedures can also change the size and shape of teeth.

Don Hartwick | 07/08/14

Sedation dentistry may actually be the only way some people can get the dental care they need. Dentists and endodontists are specially trained to test a tooth to see if the pulp is infected or damaged.

Erica Norris | 07/08/14

You can take out invisible braces if you're going to have family portraits done. Since most teeth whitening gels are so powerful, only a dentist can give them to you.

Debby Sublett | 07/06/14

When you visit the dentist, his staff will check the distance between your gums and your teeth to see if you have gum disease.

Cathy Smidowicz | 07/04/14

If you have severe symptoms, contact an emergency dentist immediately. You should replace your toothbrush at least four times a year and more often when you are sick.

Charles Buckner | 07/04/14

A full service office will provide routine checkups and cleanings, as well as preventative care and tooth whitening. If you slow down on eating bad foods, you may be able to slow down the process of tooth decay.

Heather Weltin | 07/02/14

In most cases, metal fillings or crowns can be replaced with techniques that are more conservative. If you have big gaps in your teeth, you may want to ask your dentist about braces.

Alex Font | 07/02/14

Recent studies have also shown a link between gum disease and premature babies, babies with low birth weight. Teeth that would have otherwise been lost can generally be saved with a root canal.

Debra Peebles | 07/02/14

A technique called periodontal probing is the cornerstone of the test for gum disease.

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