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Dolores Wilson | 05/21/15

Hormonal changes in your body will cause changes in your teeth and gums as well.

Chris Roundtree | 05/21/15

To get better looking teeth through your diet, eat more raw foods.

Adrienne Iselhart | 05/20/15

At the heart of your teeth, decay can gradually destroy the inner layer, or dentin, the pulp which contains blood vessels, nerves and other tissues, and roots.

Caroline Bell | 05/20/15

Porcelain veneers are an excellent alternative to crowns in many situations.

Brent Stack | 05/19/15

Another common cause of chronic bad breath is dry mouth.

Allison Bivins | 05/17/15

Yellowed teeth may keep you from smiling.

Amy Yaroski | 05/15/15

If you have veneers attached to your teeth, you will help prevent periodontal disease.

Heather Nelson | 05/13/15

You can get removable implants that act similar to the old fashioned dentures.

Anna Fowler | 05/12/15

During the process of linking, the tooth is etched with a gel or a liquid substance and the link is then used. Getting an annual periodontal checkup every year is important.

Christopher Nulle | 05/11/15

The patient can choose to take the sedative pill one hour before the procedure. Braces are not just made of shiny metal anymore.

Dana Speer | 05/09/15

You can be wide awake, yet not fully aware of the procedure, if you take an oral sedative.

Heather Gosliner | 05/09/15

When using any type of teeth whitening agent, whether it be a kit or an at home method, make sure you use it sparingly. It can take several treatments by either laser or whitening strips to get the smile and color you are looking for.

Dawn Inman | 05/07/15

A laser can be used for the detection of caries, which are cavities. If you break a tooth, get to the dentist before the nerve becomes exposed to the air.

Carol Preston | 05/05/15

Any time the roots of your teeth can be seen, you are looking at a problem that needs immediate attention.

Amber Reynolds | 05/05/15

In order to promote good dental health, make snack time healthy by eliminating junk food from your home.

Carolyn Crowe | 05/04/15

Years ago dentists didn't save teeth, they just pulled the rotten ones.

Heather Hamilton | 05/04/15

If your children learn to brush and floss when they're young, they will have better teeth as adults. Doing your best to have whiter teeth is very important.

Colleen Tischer | 05/04/15

Orthodontics can only say for sure whether someone is a good candidate for invisible braces.

Debra Mellette | 05/03/15

When you find a dentist who offers sedation dentistry, request a meeting to discuss their concerns before doing any procedure.

Ann Jordan | 05/02/15

Inflammatory can destroy your gum tissues and cause them to separate from the tooth.

Gail Hoeber | 05/01/15

The teeth are one of the most sensitive parts of our anatomy.

Amy Fortin | 04/29/15

You can actually get same day service on dentures these days.

Domingo Lopez | 04/27/15

Teeth cleaning includes a series of over the counter whitening systems, whitening toothpastes, and the last option for high technology, laser teeth whitening.

Art Farr | 04/27/15

Saliva has some antibacterial properties that help keep your mouth clean.

Almamary Smith | 04/26/15

Flossing regularly will also help cure chronic bad breath as it will loosen and eliminate any food lodged between your teeth.

Chaylene Davie | 04/26/15

Be sure to check to see whether oral surgery is covered by your medical or dental insurance before making your appointment.

Donna Roberts | 04/26/15

During the time your veneers are being made, you will be able to wear temporary veneers.

Bg Adams | 04/26/15

Knowing that you have brushed and flossed every day will make your next dental appointment a breeze.

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